Of course, the most fulfilling part of reading is getting to look back and notch off how much you’ve read. I haven’t gotten around to calculating the statistics from 2016, but here are some for the years before. The first numbers are for audiobooks I listened to in 2015; the numbers in brackets afterwards are for audiobooks I listened to in 2014.

I only count audiobooks I have listened to all the way through, which rules out Street Smarts from 2015, and both Understanding Genetics and Thinking, Fast and Slow from 2014.

# of books completed: 28 audiobooks, 12 paper books (18 audiobooks, didn’t track paper)

Total time (pre-speeding up): 320h53 (190h51)

Average book length: 11h28 (10h36)

Standard deviation: 6h11 (4h43)

Longest book: Steve Jobs, 25h19 (Big History, 24h25)

Shortest book: Hooked, 4h47 (The Intelligent Investor (Abridged), 2h45)

Total time on 2x speed*: 160h26 (95h25)

Average listening per day: 26 minutes (16 minutes)

*I most often listen to audiobooks on the 2x setting on my Audible app. Incidentally, I recently found out that Audible has systematically deceived everyone with these settings: up until summer 2016 iOS did not allow you to speed up audio faster than 2x, so Audible’s 2.5x and 3x settings actually only ran at 2x. Outrageous. This has since been fixed, but we must never forget.